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Dolphin swim trip Red Sea, Egypt

Swimming with dolphins in the ReD sea, in Egypt

A responsible dolphin trip with our specialists
Join our trip to go swim with wild dolphins in the red sea, in egypt,
According to a respectful dolphns’ approach

This trip is accompanied by Valérie Valton, graduated in Animal Ethology & HUman-Animal Mediation, whom specialised in Human- Cetacean interactions.

Cost of the stay : 1970 € per participant

Departures 2021 in May, July, August and September

  • Living aboard a large 35 meter yacht, with 4 decks and passenger cabins equipped with air conditioning & private bathroom, anchored in a turquoise lagoon.
  • The all inclusive aspect of the stay on board with 8 crew members to take care of us.
  • Encountering and swimming with a group of about 100 wild dolphins in a respectful way.
  • The exceptional dolphin swim conditions, in a lagoon whose water is 29 degrees, shallow and perfectly transparent.
  • Discovering the coral wonders of the Red Sea, its many colorful inhabitants, turtles, rays, clown fish, etc.
Trip accessible to  :All
Meals : Full board included – buffets
Location : Red Sea, Egypt
Beverages : Included (non-alcoholic)
Duration : 1 week
Main activity : Dolphin swim
Animal encounter :Wild Dolphins
Other activities included :  Reef Snorkeling – kayaking
Local transferts : Included
Optional activities :  Scuba diving
Package :  All inclusive Accompanying specialist :   Valérie VALTON
Accomodation : Double cabins on yacht
Local temperature : Summer –  Air : 30 – 35°C –  Water : 29°C
Dates 2021 Stay price (flight excl.) Stay + Flight package Optional training onboard Comments Status
May 22 – 29 1970 € 2628 € Reservations are open
July 3 – 10 1970 € 2628 €  See Reservations are open
July 10 – 17 1970 € 2659 € See Reservations are open
 August 28 – Septembre 5 1970 € 2596 € Reservations are open
September 25 –  October 2 1970 € 2596 € Reservations are open
Included Not Included
  • Return transfer from the airport to the yacht for all participants on the flight chosen for the group (or at a similar flight time).
  • The full board cruise in shared double cabins with all non-alcoholic beverages included (sodas, juices, mineral water, coffee, tea, herbal tea etc.) Solo travelers can share a cabin and choose with whom to do so once onsite.
  • Cruising formalities management.
  • The accompaniment of the stay and of the dolphin swim sessins by an ethologist, specialised in human-dolphin interaction to garantee dolphin respectful encounters.
  • Guidance & safety crew for all snorkeling activities.
  • Civil liability and financial guarantees of our partnering travel agency.
  • Flight
  • Visa : 25 € at airport upon arrival for europeans.
  • National Maritime Park entrance fee (80 €)
  • Tips & alcoholic beverages onboard,
  • Optional trainings
  • Personal expenses & possible meals or drinks before or after the cruise.
  • Travel Insurance – (A Medical & Repatriation insurance is mandatory).


Flight : 

Charter flight Paris Marsa Alam.

Only one flight per week so make sure you ask us to book it when reserving your stay.  Book early to  secure your flight. For flights from other cities or countries, please ask us.

General information about flight tickets : Companies are allowed to modify their prices at any time and may adjust taxes at any time due to a change of local airport taxes or petrol prices.

 PLease NOTE :
  • Trips are confirmed as soon as 12 participants have registered.
  • If the accompanying specialist and/or the leader of an optional were unable to join a trip as expected for any severe matter, the specialist will be replaced and trip remain confirmed. The training leader may be replaced and/or the optional training may be cancelled and the optional training fee ill be reimbursed.


The lagoon is of pure beauty. Far away from land, it offers us a great rest from our usual hectic lives. Here it is only silence and serenity with a feel of freedom and joy in the air. The lagoon is vast natural aquarium with warm, shallow translucid waters, protected all around by a huge coral barrier reef. The underwater visibility is amazing and long distance which allows us to perfectly see all its underwater amazing life: from a wide variety of colorful corals and fishes, turtles, dolphins etc. For all these reasons, it is our favorite place to swim with wild dolphins.





A group of 20 to 100 Spinner dolphins usually enters the lagoon on a daily basis, early in the morning and they tend to stay until mid to late afternoon. We can sometimes also see a few Tusiops Truncatus  within the spinner dolphins pod. Spinner Dolphins are able to do 7 rotations in the air when jumping and they are also known to be one of the most talkative, ie noisy specie of dolphins. This pod is very open to human interactions when done respectfully.

Every day we will go and offer the dolphins an encounter. We will however leave it up to them to decide whether or not they want to accept it. And if they do so, its duration will also be up to them. This magical moments can last between half and hour and more than 4 hours certain days..

And when the dolphins are not in the mood to welcome us or seem to have enough of us, it is then an opportunity for us to go snorkeling and discover  the beautiful coral potatoes, reefs, or the splendid coral garden with all its amazing colorful life.

And for those enjoying scuba diving or wishing to give it a try, you can go with our divemaster to enjoy some spots in and around the lagoon.

IMPORTANT NOTE: The probability to swim with dolphins is exceptionnal in this lagoon as dolphins come in almost every day and stay up to 10 hours in. However, wild life can never be garanteed 100%, as it is wild and free (and that’s the way we want it to stay). There is, of course, no feeding nor any type of action there taken to try and attract dolphins.




Stingray, turtles, Napoleons, murenas, Clown fishes, life is plentyful, diverse and amazing. We will enjoy a lot of snorkeling around the lagoon’s most beautiful spots to explore it.
Scuba diver amateurs may also go out with our divemaster to discover it from below.


Welcome onboard this splendid and confortable yacht (32m long -4 decks) on which we will spend the whole week.

There is only about 2,5 hours navigation to and from the lagon. Once in the lagoon, we will anchor there and stay for the week. Inside the lagoon, the water is shallow and flat calm as we are fully protected by the surroundig reef barrier so we can welome everyone for this stay (there is no risk of sea sickness).

All indoor spaces (saloon-restaurant & cabins) have airconditioning. There are about 10 double cabins onaboard, each with its own bathroom including a shower, toilets, sink & miror. All electric plugs are similar to the french plugs onboard. There is no Wifi or when any, it is usually very fluctuent. The cellphone network coverage is however rather good in the lagoon.



Most cabins have twin beds and one or two cabins have a double bed, all are equipped with a bathroom.

nager avec les dauphins en Mer Rouge 4
nager avec les dauphins en Mer Rouge 6


Graduated in Animal Ethology & Human-Animal interactions from the University of Paris Descartes, Valérie VALTON explores the relationship possibilities and extents between humans and sea mammals.
She travels around the world to encounter various species. Her aim is to understand to what extent we can approach, interact, bond and mutually understand each other.

She will share with you all fundamental principles of human-dolphin respectful interactions so as for you to smoothly enter their world and live an authentic and true encounter.
Valérie’s guidance also invites participants to be ‘here and now’, to consciously reconnect and be attentive to all our senses and to our natural instinct. Being in such state of presence, alert and open really will allows to experiment the deepest possible encounters with sea mammals. Be ready for magic and unforgettable moments to unroll :).

She speaks french, english and some spanish.

Trip dates : Optional training proposed : Training Fee  :
July 3 – 10 2021  “ Reveal yourself and your potentials” by Carole Ferreira- Cerca et Hélène Blanchard, founders of  “Les Culottées de la Com”. In french.  

250 € if booked before  November 30th 2020 – 320 € if booked before end of  february 2021. After : 420 €.


July 10 – 17 2021 Free Diving training – From beginners to advance levels – with  Guillaume Bourdila, World Champion and recordman with 236 meters DNF. In french/english. Training details  

250 € if booked before  November 30th 2020 – 320 € if booked before end of  february 2021. After : 420 €.

  • Scuba diving :

Whether you want togive it a try for the first time, you are an occasional or advanced diver, our certified diving instructor will be pleased to take you to explore the surroundings diving spots  – Fees are very reasonable. Onsite payment. Please let us know before departure if you thin you may feel like scuba diving so we can take onbaord all necessary equippement.

  • Travel Insurance :

Our partnering travel agency will offer you some insurances when you book your stay. You must have an insurance offering medical coverage and assistance as well as repatriation to participate to this trip (of whichever provider of your choice).

Relaxed & joyful atmosphere onboard.

The yacht is big and you enjoy times on your own and times with others as you like.

All activities proposed by Valérie each day are up to you. You are free to join them or to do something else, it is all you prefer, all the time :-).

COUNTRY Information
EGYPT ENTRY FormalitiEs for most europeans :

Passport valid 6 months after the trip return date. Visa is granted at airport desk upon arrival (fee 25€).

Health :

No specific need – (A diarrhea could arise if you have very sensitive stomach so bring whatever may be necessary. The boat crew only uses purified water for cooking onboard and we only drink mineral water).


same plugs as in France (type C & E).

Money :

Egyptian Lira but euros are accepted everywhere onsite

Wheter :

Beautiful, no rain. Late May – early June : Air : +- 24-27°C – Sea : 27°C – July -August : Air +-35°C – Sea : 29-30°C).


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